Dog Wash & Nail Trimming

Green Mountain Pet and Tack is the only self-service pet wash in the area to feature the HydroSurge® BathPro™ bathing system. This bathing system is designed to capture the power of the water source to penetrate the animals coat and provide a deep down clean. The automatic shampoo draw feature ensures that fresh shampoo is constantly dispersed in the correct proportions to optimize the health of the coat and skin, as well as eliminate shampoo waste.


HydroSurge® superior quality shampoos provide the ultimate in skin and coat care, are pH balanced, biodegradable and clean-rinsing. Every HydroSurge® shampoo has been developed with only the finest ingredients available. Each formulation has been designed to treat a specific skin or coat condition.



  • BathPro™ bathing system
  • HydroSurge® Shampoo
  • Towels
  • Dryer
  • Aprons
  • Elevated stainless steel tub
  • Stairs for your dog to get in and out, safely and comfortably
  • Hooks in the tub to secure your pet while washing
  • Non-slip rubber floor mat



  • No aching back or knees, thanks to our elevated tub
  • No clogged drains or dirty tubs at home
  • No crate stress or separation anxiety for your pet
  • Drop-ins welcome
  • Affordable
  • Best of all - we clean up the mess!

Nail Trimming

While you’re here - have our professionals clip your dog's nails.  Our dog wash is the perfect place to trim nails, just remember to ask us before you give your dog a bath!